Wesgar Expands Facilities in Port Coquitlam, BC

Wesgar continues to execute on a master plan to expand its operations in order to satisfy the rising demand for its specialized high-mix, variable-volume precision sheet metal and copper fabrication. The recent establishment of an additional secure warehouse close to its 100,000 square foot plant, located on a four-acre campus, is integral to Wesgar guaranteeing it will continue to meet client needs. 

“This expansion is key to staying at the forefront in our business by offering clients Kanban and stocking programs; despite the challenges of the current pandemic, the demand to produce quality products to rapidly fulfill fluctuating delivery schedules has escalated,” says Nash Kassam, President of Wesgar. “The new warehouse facility allows us to increase capacity in our primary plant for assembly and machining, including new cutting-edge equipment—robotic welders, machining centers, panel benders, laser cutting machines, and an upgraded powder coating production line while satisfying spikes in demand. Our aim is to deliver superior products and service, eliminate supply chain disruptions, and expand our presence  across Western Canada and the United States.”

Wesgar provides an unrivaled variety of services in the manufacture of high-mix, low-volume precision sheet metal and copper components and assemblies. Over the past years, it has honed its ability to manage ever-changing production needs with agility—a skill much appreciated by customers especially in light of the fluctuating demands brought about by the global pandemic. Its one-stop service strategy includes design for manufacturability, prototyping, fabrication, finishing, assembly, machining, rigorous quality inspection and documentation, inventory and stocking programs, and logistical services.

Since 1965 Wesgar has built a culture committed to best practices and continuous improvement, leveraging technology, expertise, and experience to enhance operations and meet customer deadlines—proficiencies that solve customer challenges more so than ever during this time of economic uncertainty. This push to increase capacity and agility is critical to a series of expansion plans for the coming years.

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About Wesgar

Wesgar is the fastest-growing one-stop-shop precision sheet metal fabricator and the largest producer of high-mix, variable-volume products in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

From its world-class 100,000 square foot plant, located in Port Coquitlam, more than 200 fabrication specialists, engineers, metal technologists, and quality control professionals operate round-the-clock as a cohesive team to expertly manage the reliable delivery of thousands of quality components and assemblies—crafted in light gauge steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and copper.

Specialists in serving a growing range of industries, including energy storage and backup power systems, power distribution, telecommunications, commercial electronics, medical, OEMs, and more, Wesgar customers value its wide range of innovative services tailored to mitigate supply chain disruptions and deliver exceptional quality, precision, operational innovation, unbeatable value, and personalized service.

Wesgar specializes in the delivery of unrivalled responsiveness, collaborative engineering, and a flexible approach to ensuring components and assemblies arrive precisely when needed.