Inventory + Logistics

We work hard with you to mitigate supply chain disruptions or line down situations.  We offer inventory and logistics management services that put you in control. Our focus is on making sure you receive product—on your dock—when you need it.

Kanban—continuous supply

At Wesgar, we can set up a  Kanban system that allows for regular and consistent delivery of your product. Our tailored programs can accommodate varied amounts and delivery dates to suit your needs, thus helping reduce lead time and help keep your product cost consistent. 

Warehousing + inventory stock management

Wesgar can hold finished products and/or partially assembled products in our warehouse until you are ready for us to ship them. We can ship your product to you in a matter of hours.

Logistics management

Wesgar makes logistics management easy for everyone by taking care of all the details:

  • Labeling: bar codes, part numbers, etc.
  • Kitting: preparing items, so they arrive at your warehouse ready-to-go
  • Packaging: individual items and consolidated packing ready to ship
  • Crating: crates to optimize shipping, including returnable crates to save money on packaging materials and that are environmentally friendly
  • Shipping and export: our logistics partner carries all our shipments and can be relied on to deliver on-time.

Wesgar has the capacity to manage your inventory and ensure your supply chain is never interrupted.