Supply Chain Management

We work hard to make sure your supply chain is never interrupted by offering inventory and logistics management options that put you in control. Our focus is on making sure you receive product on your dock when you need it.

Inventory management

Wesgar inventory management and stocking programs mean you never have to wait for production—we fabricate finished products for you and hold them in our warehouse until you are ready for us to ship them to you.

We also practice Kanban supply with an emphasis on continuous supply. This allows you to place an order for a flow of products to be delivered over a specified time period, and we deliver according to your scheduled needs.

Prior to shipping, if needed, Wesgar consolidates supply by kitting items up so they arrive at your warehouse ‘ready-to-go.

Logistics management

Wesgar makes logistics management easy for everyone by taking care of all the details:

  • Labeling: bar codes, part numbers, etc.
  • Packaging: individual items and consolidated packing
  • Crating: crates to optimize shipping, including returnable crates to save money on packaging materials—environmentally friendly
  • Shipping and export: Bolloré Transport & Logistics is our preferred logistics carrier for all international shipments and can be relied on for on-time delivery
Parking Meter Fabricated by Wesgar Sheet Metal Fabrication

Wesgar has the capacity to manage your inventory and ensure on-time deliveries.