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Precision Sheet Metal Fabricators, Machining, and Copper Bus Bars

A leading custom sheet metal, machining, and copper bus bar fabricator, Wesgar is a one-stop-shop specializing in meeting the unique and complex manufacturing business challenges you face. Let us take care of your high-mix, low-volume requirements, manage spikes and variable demands, reduce lead times, manage compound quality and technical requirements, lower costs, and mitigate supply chain disruptions.

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Design for Manufacturability

Let us refine and optimize your product designs for reliable manufacturability and cost-effectiveness. We design smart parts, minimize waste, improve quality, and reduce your costs.

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From one to 100 units, we have the in-house know-how to produce accurate prototypes and reduce your product development risks, lower your costs, and get your product to market quickly.

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Specialists in high-mix, low-volume complex finished parts and electro-mechanical assemblies, we deliver high-quality, secure document management, accurate job costing, and real-time job tracking.

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From mechanical assembly, burn-in, testing, and inspection services to detailed kitting, and hardware insertion, our well-managed processes guarantee you get quality finished products.

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Supply Chain Management

Our solutions manage spikes and variable demand cycles through innovative logistics management options, including Kanban continuous inventory supply, to eliminate costly supply chain interruptions.  

Leaders in precision fabrication

  • 4acre manufacturing campus
  • 24/5round the clock five days per week
  • 210+team of experts
  • $35Mequipment asset value
  • #1precision sheet metal fabricators in Western Canada
  • >1,000satisfied customers
  • 8MPEM® hardware inserted per annum
  • 1965over 57 years in business

Industries we serve

  • energy storage + backup power systems
  • agricultural
  • Industrial
  • utilities
  • marine
  • military + defense
  • power distribution
  • security
  • appliances
  • telecom
  • commercial electronics
  • architectural
  • clean + renewable
  • OEM
  • recreational
  • medical

Our clients

  • “Over the past ten years, Alpha Technologies has developed a strong corporate working relationship with Wesgar—with its team of engineering, production, quality, and service experts. Wesgar’s ability to handle the entire manufacturing process under one roof and for a wide range of products is a significant benefit that accelerates production timelines.”

    Laura Tsai Purchasing Manager, Alpha Technologies Ltd.

Wesgar news

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HMLV is a great solution for organizations looking for greater flexibility. It offers an alternative to the processes most manufacturers follow while providing more choices to customers who need special or custom solutions.

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Powder Coating Supply Gun Equipment Significantly Improves Quality

Wesgar’s new powder coating supply gun equipment is now fully operational, producing consistent and high-quality powder-coated parts.

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