Custom Copper Bus Bars

High-quality bus bars for safety, minimal power loss, flexibility, strength, and reliability

Wesgar is a leading manufacturer of high-quality copper bus bars, fabricated in all sizes for unique applications across a number of diverse industries. You can rely on Wesgar to produce high-mix, low-volume electrical conduction bus bars manufactured with high-quality copper.

Our grounding bus bars are skillfully fabricated leveraging our 200+ team of professionals, leading-edge equipment and robotics, and 50 years of dedication to best practices on our 4-acre plant in British Columbia.


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    Copper bus bar prototyping and fabrication

    Prototype production of rigid electrical high-quality copper bus bars—with or without tin plating.

    High-mix, low-volume production specialists

    High-mix, low-volume grounding bus bar production runs, reduced lead times, and lower costs.

    Custom manufactured in any size with pem hardware

    Manufactured to meet your exact specifications from 2 inches to 12 feet and PEM hardware insertion.

    Reliable supply chain solutions

    Ensuring supply chain disruptions are avoided and variable demand lead times are met.

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