Design for Manufacturability (DFM) + Prototyping

Let us refine your precision fabrication product designs for optimum manufacturability—minimize waste, improve quality, and reduce your costs. We produce prototypes in-house—to reduce your product development risks and get your product to market quickly.

Mechanical engineering design

Our team of experienced design and manufacturing experts review your design and learn about your objectives. Leveraging on our 60-plus years of experience, we look for ways to lower manufacturing costs, improve ease of fabrication and assembly, and mitigate quality problems. Additionally, we review the design for use of readily available parts and materials and surface finish requirements.

Reverse engineering

With a view to replicating a well-functioning product or enhancing it, we are experienced at reserve engineering products quickly and efficiently. We disassemble, examine, conduct a detailed analysis, and rebuild to meet your exact needs.

Design and programming

Our engineers use the latest CAD/CAM 3D drafting design software to design your product. This includes designing the manufacturing process based on our leading-edge manufacturing equipment and robotics.

We routinely evaluate engineering product designs for ease of manufacturability and recommend improvements that will save you money, enhance functionality, and expedite delivery.

Prototype manufacturing

We are experts at quick turn prototypes with DFM suggestions for production runs. While building your prototype(s), we factor in material specification, tooling, product design, packaging requirements, and more. Our established prototype development process ensures that your part can be manufactured consistently, reliably, and cost-effectively. Our goal is to deliver prototypes within a timeframe that meets your expectations.

Process planning

Our production processes are based on manufacturing best practices that ensure high on-time delivery and superior quality. At every step of the way, we are constantly looking for enhancements to make workflow smoother and eliminate problems. Our goal is to deliver a  quality product when you want it.

We understand the importance of delivering timely precision prototype parts in the design phase of your products, leveraging our expertise and state-of-the-art machinery to meet your needs.