Lithium-ion battery
cabinets and enclosures

High-mix, variable-volume battery storage cabinets delivered to your schedule

Get your battery charging cabinets from the leading fabricator in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. Depend on Wesgar to eliminate supply chain delays and deliver quality cabinets—from small to extra-large. Our cabinets are safe, weather and fire-resistant, and designed for indoor and outdoor use.

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Battery cabinet prototyping and design

For optimized designs and cost-effective manufacturability, quality, and durable battery cabinets.

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Manufacturing capacity under one roof

For peace of mind your high-mix, variable-volume production runs can be accommodated with reduced lead times and costs.


Reliable supply chain solutions

To ensure supply chain disruptions are avoided and variable demand lead times can be met.

Custom-made battery cabinet with precision cut control panels on front
Custom-made battery cabinet with stacked components behind secure doors

Rely on Wesgar to produce first-class battery enclosures and take care of your unique needs. Our quality custom lithium-ion battery storage cabinets are skillfully fabricated leveraging our 250+ team of professionals, leading-edge equipment and robotics, and 55+ years of dedication to best practices on our 4-acre plant in British Columbia.

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“Over the past ten years, Alpha Technologies has developed a strong corporate working relationship with Wesgar—with its team of engineering, production, quality, and service experts. Wesgar’s ability to handle the entire manufacturing process under one roof and for a wide range of products is a significant benefit that accelerates production timelines.”

Purchasing Manager, Alpha Technologies Ltd.

Custom Battery Cabinet with control panels and powder coated labels