Sheet Metal Fabrication Product Gallery

Wesgar is the largest producer of high-mix, variable-volume precision sheet metal products in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. We specialize in delivering cost-effective and standardized production of thousands of unique or small volume custom parts fabricated from aluminum, steel, stainless steel, or copper. Our products range from simple to complex engineered designs with or without assembly.

Base for lithium-ion battery enclosure for marine industry

Bottom chassis for the high-speed cable industry

Building automation system controllers

Cabinet assembly, military rack enclosure

Cabinet for UPS system used in telecommunication applications

Cabinet for UPS system with optional battery add-on

Chassis assembly for medical laboratory equipment

Chassis for industrial printer

Commercial cabinet

Compact enclosure for outdoor back-up power

Component of a high performance architectural facade

Component of printer carriage beam

DC power supply rack

Electrical enclosure for a lithium battery combiner

Electronic shroud for touch screen monitors

Enclosure for battery distribution fuse bay

Faceplate for high performance audio equipment

Frame for semiconductor and fiber laser

Guitar amplifier enclosure

HVAC air transfer unit

Modular two-post seismic relay rack with battery tray brackets

Multi-shelf battery equipment rack

Music equipment enclosure

Music equipment enclosure

Music equipment enclosure

Music equipment enclosure

Pay parking meter

Power base for back-up battery power used in marine industry

RS1000 subwoofer amplifier housing for home and commercial audio installations

Sifting screen for pharmacutical production

Tin plated bus bar adapter

Tin plated copper bus bar

Two-tier distribution box shell

Welded base enclosure for switches

Welded fuel tank

Wiring module bracket