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High-mix, variable-volume supply chain solutions

When it comes to delivering high-mix, variable-volume precision sheet metal products, components, and assemblies, Wesgar has all the bases covered.

We specialize in solving complex challenges. Our unrivaled range of services has been designed to eliminate obstacles to your success. We offer design for manufacturability services, prototyping, sheet metal and copper fabrication, finishing, assembly, machining, supply to stringent quality requirements, supply chain solutions (e.g., inventory and stocking programs). As well we can manage your variable demand requirements and logistical services all under one roof.

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High-mix, variable-volume sheet metal fabrication

Wesgar caters to your high-mix, variable-volume needs leveraging cutting-edge manufacturing automation, robotics, and powerful engineering software.

World-class fabrication and assembly

Rely on Wesgar’s world-class fabrication and assembly services for all your precision sheet metal fabrication needs.

Robust supply chain solutions

Leave it to Wesgar to develop tailor-made solutions to meet your unique supply chain needs and mitigate disruptions on your production lines.

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