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Leadership Team

Wesgar Leadership Team: Nash Kassam

Nash Kassam, MBA

President and CEO

An astute businessman, visionary, and strategic planner, Nash thrives on solving complex challenges and delivering a win/win for customers, staff, and the businesses he leads. Over the course of his 25-year career in fast-growing companies in Canada and internationally, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in a wide range of manufacturing industries, such as metal fabrication, printing and packaging, pulp and paper, and construction. Nash is comfortable balancing the conflicting needs of high-growth and long-term strategy in his pursuit to see businesses prosper through innovative execution techniques and sound business strategies.

Wesgar Leadership Team: Morgan Sturdy

Morgan Sturdy


A pioneer in the tech sector in Vancouver, BC, with over 30 years of executive experience, Morgan has served on multiple corporate boards, chaired the boards of BC Tech, VEF, and Science World, and is a past recipient of the BC Tech Lifetime Achievement Award. Between 1986 and 1997 he transformed his hardware company, along with his dedicated team, into a software company that was acquired. Until 2000, he operated the North American Division of the business between Vancouver, New York, and Israel. Since then Morgan has been involved in some of BC’s largest M&A exits. A well-respected entrepreneur and leader, Morgan is also a mentor to philanthropic, government, and commercial organizations and is recognized for giving back to the community.

Wesgar Leadership Team: John Purdy

John Purdy

Past Chairman

A seasoned, agile, and well-respected entrepreneur, John became a shareholder of Wesgar in 1968 and acquired full ownership from the founding shareholders just one year later. Having traveled extensively while working diligently, including a stint at IBM, he returned to BC and identified his affinity for manufacturing tangible products. Wesgar was a perfect fit. He’s been a pioneer in adopting technology to improve quality and efficiencies, and the driving force behind Wesgar’s transformation into the dominant sheet metal fabricator it is today. A natural leader, John’s career has been rich with opportunities to grow and evolve a multitude of BC-based businesses thanks to his creative and sharp problem-solving skills. He’s always steady, fair, even-keeled, and takes great pride in the Wesgar family, including many long-service employees. John remains active in the community as the founder of a private foundation and a willing and trusted business mentor.

Wesgar Leadership Team: Keith Day

Keith Day

Board Member

Keith is an experienced senior executive and officer with a strong focus on finance and operational excellence. His career prior to joining Wesgar as President and CEO and then as Executive Chairman included serving as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of a major east coast company with interests in regional airlines, seafood processing, ground transportation, and industrial and transportation equipment. Additionally, Keith has held the position as Chief Financial Officer for the now largest global helicopter company and Vice President Finance, Vice President Business Operations, and President of a major aviation, repair, and overhaul corporation.

Wesgar Leadership Team: Neil McDonnell

Neil McDonnell

Board Member

As an experienced director with demonstrated success in building successful global businesses, Neil has extensive experience in transforming companies in rapidly changing markets—particularly those with technology-driven applications. During his career, he has earned a reputation for being an exceptional strategist with knowledge and expertise in the fields of M&As, international business development, business negotiations, and management. Neil earned an MBA in International Business from the University of British Columbia (UBC).

Lisa Purdy

Board Member

Lisa Purdy is an experienced executive who has worked in media creation, production, and distribution for over 30 years. Lisa has held senior leadership roles in media funding and public broadcasting prior to forming Notio Media, which provides research and strategic planning for film and television clients. Research projects include a labour market study, economic measurement tools for the creative industries, and a workforce development platform. A subject matter expert in film and television, Lisa enjoys providing solutions to complex problems for her clients and community.