First of Its Kind Italian State-of-the-Art Panel Bender Fully Operational at Wesgar

Wesgar is proud to announce the long-awaited arrival of a state-of-the-art panel bender designed and manufactured by Salvagnini in Italy. The P2L-2120 panel bender complements Wesgar’s growing bank of robotic forming machines and is a step towards tackling the current labor shortage. This leading-edge panel bender is designed to handle short and long runs with ease, is ideal for Wesgar’s high-mix, low-volume environment, and has the capacity to keep pace with Wesgar’s rapid growth.

“We had a need for a panel bender of this caliber two years ago when we placed our order with Salvagnini in Italy. The global pandemic slowed the delivery down, and in the meantime, our need has grown significantly in tandem with our growth. The new state-of-the-art panel bender is installed and 100% operational. The P2L-2120 panel bender is proving to be the work-horse we expected; already operational 100% of the time, it has improved efficiencies and is shortening lead times,” says Nash Kassam, President of Wesgar.

Wesgar is on a steep growth trajectory as it carves out a niche serving clients with a need for high-mix, low-volume complex sheet metal fabrication, machining, and copper bus bars. Its master plan includes staying at the forefront of the industry with innovative, leading-edge technology, including machining, welding, and robotic equipment—currently valued at close to $40M. With over 250 professional staff and growing, Wesgar serves leading organizations, including Alpha Technologies, Rockwell Automation, Ballard Power, Kodak, and Telus. In its quest to increase capacity and efficiency to better serve its clients’ needs far into the future, Wesgar is bang on track with its five-year growth plan.

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About Wesgar

Wesgar is the fastest-growing one-stop-shop precision sheet metal fabricator and the largest producer of high-mix, variable-volume products in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

From its world-class 100,000 square foot plant, located in Port Coquitlam, more than 200 fabrication specialists, engineers, metal technologists, and quality control professionals operate round-the-clock as a cohesive team to expertly manage the reliable delivery of thousands of quality components and assemblies—crafted in light gauge steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and copper.

Specialists in serving a growing range of industries, including energy storage and backup power systems, power distribution, telecommunications, commercial electronics, medical, OEMs, and more, Wesgar customers value its wide range of innovative services tailored to mitigate supply chain disruptions and deliver exceptional quality, precision, operational innovation, unbeatable value, and personalized service.

Wesgar specializes in the delivery of unrivalled responsiveness, collaborative engineering, and a flexible approach to ensuring components and assemblies arrive precisely when needed.