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Sustaining the environment with sturdy and efficient home garden composters that keep vermin at bay, produce soil rich in fertilizer nutrients, and abundant gardens

An environmental pioneer, Fred Francis, designed the first Speedibin composter in 1989. Although this unit was unique, preventing rats, mice, and other vermin from entering, the project was unsuccessful due to fierce competition from plastic composters—doled out by municipalities for as little as $30 at the time. Thirty years later, his daughter, Joyce McMenamon, decided to relaunch a new and improved version of Fred’s early composter invention. However, finding the right sheet metal fabricator to work with her through the redesign process and produce a high-quality product at the right price proved difficult. During the company’s early restart years, it eliminated as many as ten potential sheet metal fabricators due to a lack of fit, skills, or competence. The biggest challenges were getting the powder coating right so the metal coating would not flake off and managing its supply needs for small quantities as Fresh Earth Products ramped up its business.

“It’s a feel-good project, we want things done locally, and we want to see it grow and succeed.”
—Joyce McMenamon, Owner, Fresh Earth Products

Wesgar Solution
Wesgar was recommended by another supplier, and from the get-go, the team appeared capable of meeting all Fresh Earth Products’ needs. The prototype and CAD drawings were already available—Wesgar reviewed the project and offered the best options. Their prices were competitive, they could manage the whole process at their plant, even powder coating, and the team recommended a better screen design for the bottom of the composter using perforated aluminum, which works very well.

As a start-up, Joyce did not need huge quantities, which did not phase the team at Wesgar that regularly serves the needs of its clients ranging from small emerging businesses to complex multi-million-dollar assemblies at its four-acre plant in Port Coquitlam. Its first order was for 45 units. Wesgar made five to start, suggested minor tweaks that improved the unit’s functionality, made it easier and faster to manufacture, and improved the price, then fabricated the balance of 40 units. Meanwhile, Fresh Earth Products started selling the Speedibin composters online and via word of mouth. Users tell friends, neighbors, and family members—the business is growing steadily, and Wesgar is keeping pace with Fresh Earth Products’ needs.

Fresh Earth Products is driven to be an example of an ethical company doing the right thing for the world. When gardening, Joyce lays down cardboard where it would have been plastic a few years ago. She insists all Speedibin composter packaging is compostable. Other suppliers wanted to use foam to protect the parts during shipping; Wesgar is happy to accommodate by separating and protecting the panels using paper and has sourced heavy-duty Kraft tape to seal the packaging. Joyce says, “It’s a feel-good project, we want things done locally, and we want to see it grow and succeed.”

Located in Merville, BC, has not deterred Joyce from visiting the Wesgar plant to meet the team and discuss future plans for Speedibin composters. Manufactured in Port Coquitlam and shipped to Merville, Speedibins ship to customers across North America. Joyce has developed an excellent relationship with the service team there and is quick to say that Wesgar is by far the best manufacturer she has worked with.

“We are delighted with the quality work from Wesgar in fabricating our Speedibin composters. They understood what we needed to make a rat-proof bin and worked with us to make these composters even better than we expected.”
—Joyce McMenamon, Owner, Fresh Earth Products

About Fresh Earth Products
The Speedibin composter enables gardeners to convert garden and kitchen refuse into rich compost without attracting mice, rats, raccoons, etc. Designed by avid gardeners and compost enthusiasts, it is the ideal compost bin. Composting with Speedibin builds healthy gardens by adding permanent fertility to the soil while reducing our environmental footprint.

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Wesgar is the fastest-growing one-stop-shop precision sheet metal fabricator and the largest producer of high-mix, variable-volume products in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

From its world-class 100,000 square foot plant, located in Port Coquitlam, more than 200 fabrication specialists, engineers, metal technologists, and quality control professionals operate round-the-clock as a cohesive team to expertly manage the reliable delivery of thousands of quality components and assemblies—crafted in light gauge steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and copper.

Specialists in serving a growing range of industries, including energy storage and backup power systems, power distribution, telecommunications, commercial electronics, medical, OEMs, and more, Wesgar customers value its wide range of innovative services tailored to mitigate supply chain disruptions and deliver exceptional quality, precision, operational innovation, unbeatable value, and personalized service.

Wesgar specializes in the delivery of unrivalled responsiveness, collaborative engineering, and a flexible approach to ensuring components and assemblies arrive precisely when needed.