Choose A Qualified Precision Sheet Metal Fabricator

Selecting the right partner to meet your custom precision sheet metal fabrication needs can be critical to the success of your business. At Wesgar, we have built a culture that focuses on meeting your needs. Our services span the full range of customer requirements—we operate like the manufacturing arm of your business making sure that you get exactly what you need when you need it.

One-stop shop designed to meet all your needs

You can count on Wesgar to deliver services to meet all your needs, every step of the way. From expert design for manufacturability, prototype assistance, fabrication, (screen printing and powder coating) assembly, machining, rigorous quality inspection and documentation, inventory and stocking programs, and logistics services. We manage 99% of our services on our 80,000 square feet Canadian fabrication plant. Our in-depth knowledge of lean and efficient manufacturing techniques enables us to reduce your costs, manage inventory, and improve your time to market.

A leader in high-mix, low-volume precision sheet metal fabrication

Wesgar is the largest producer of high-mix, low-volume products in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. We specialize in delivering cost-effective and standardized production of unique or small volume custom parts fabricated from aluminum, steel, stainless steel, or copper. Our capabilities in welding, robotic welding, and powder coating produce high-quality results well suited for demanding infrastructure environments. We can meet all your needs.

Capacity and fabrication scalability

As the largest custom precision sheet metal fabricator in Western Canada, operating out of our four-acre British Columbian campus, Wesgar has space, capacity, and ability to scale up to meet all your needs. Our sizeable pre-production engineering team can accommodate multiple design for manufacturability and prototype assembly projects; and our well-established production line allows for a steady and efficient flow through the factory, without bottlenecks or backlogs. We’re ready to grow with you.

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Precision sheet metal fabricators you can count on to do a professional job—every time!

We Have the Know-how to Meet Your Needs

Employee Working on Sheet Metal Fabrication at Wesgar

Workforce expertise

More than 200 fabrication specialists, engineers, metal technologists, and quality control professionals have built a rewarding career at Wesgar, many spanning more than three decades. The depth of the team’s experience and our engineering, technical, and logistical management skills are unrivaled in the industry—our cohesive team of experts work around the clock with a focus on keeping your projects on track.

Drill Press for Sheet Metal Fabrication by Wesgar

State-of-the-art equipment for precision sheet metal fabrication

Wesgar invests in leading-edge equipment to support the specific criteria for custom manufacturing and quality required to meet the exacting demands of customers like you. Our strategy employs a balance of experienced fabrication experts and equipment automation to deliver quality and accuracy. Included in our lineup of more than 60 pieces of accurate and time-saving sheet metal manufacturing equipment are leading-edge robotic welding and robotic press brake systems. Our commitment to technology accelerates the manufacturing process and guarantees you receive quality products.

Wesgar Sheet Metal Fabrication Hardware Insertion Stage

Exceptional customer service

We know this because our customers tell us so. We’ve built a proactive and responsive customer service team at Wesgar. This team focuses on providing you with personalized service. We pay attention to every detail of your project(s) and practice a 100%-accountable communication style. We are here to serve you.

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Unique design for manufacturability pre-production services

A forward-thinking service that sets Wesgar apart, design for manufacturability is a complementary service that evaluates your engineering product designs for manufacturability and cost-effectiveness. Leveraging on Wesgar’s 50 plus years of experience, we often look for ways to reduce the number of parts, which may increase the part complexity but results in lower manufacturing costs, ease of assembly, and improves quality. We also review designs for the use of standard parts and materials, ease of fabrication, mistake-proofing assembly, and surface finish requirements. Our goal is to save you money and improve speed to market.

Robotic Welding of Sheet Metal Products by Wesgar

Outstanding welding capabilities

We recognize welding is one of the core success factors of most custom precision sheet metal fabrication projects; our team of 20 plus welders is highly experienced and leverages our range of welding equipment for exceptional outcomes.

Forklift Loading Sheet Metal Products for Transport at Wesgar

Unbeatable supply chain management

Getting product on your dock when you need it is our specialty. For regular production products fresh off the line we trust Bolloré Transport & Logistics carriers to manage on-time international deliveries.

Wesgar Sheet Metal Fabrication Cutting/Shearing Stage

Diverse industry experience

Wesgar customers originate from a broad and diverse range of industries. We understand the uniqueness of many specific fields of sheet metal fabrication, and we have industry experts on staff to ensure we meet your industry-specific requirements. Our people have earned a reputation for innovation, precision, and craftsmanship that meet the needs of local customers as well as those around the globe.