Sheet Metal Fabrication

As the largest precision sheet metal fabricators in Western Canada, Wesgar specializes in the production of complex formed finished parts and electro-mechanical assemblies. Our production process is completely integrated with our comprehensive ERP system, which means you get streamlined and secure document management, accurate job costing, and real-time job tracking throughout the entire process. We invest in leading-edge equipment to speed up the process and deliver second-to-none accurate fabrication. And our sheet metal fabrication experts are knowledgeable and experienced.

Wesgar Sheet Metal Fabrication Cutting/Shearing Stage

Laser cutting/punching

Wesgar has multiple CNC punching units as well as laser cutting equipment. Additionally, we have plasma cutting tools and tube sawing (can also be used for flat bar).

Laser cutting and punching equipment

Wesgar Sheet Metal Fabrication Pre-Forming Stage


During the fabrication process, Wesgar can remove unwanted sharp edges and imperfections by deburring, and tumble deburring for small parts. Additionally, we perform graining, grinding, and paint preparation to produce a fine uniform appearance on all applicable parts.

Pre-forming equipment

Wesgar Sheet Metal Fabrication Forming Stage


Wesgar has robotics and press brakes for forming and bending.

Forming equipment

Wesgar Sheet Metal Fabrication Hardware Insertion Stage

Hardware insertion

As the largest consumers of PEM® hardware in Canada, we are experts in hardware insertion so that electronic parts can be mounted on your products.

Hardware equipment

Robotic Welding of Sheet Metal Products by Wesgar


Wesgar is CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) certified and has the equipment and expertise to perform many welding processes. Each welding station is equipped with a MIG machine, TIG machine, 1 or 2 inch thick flat machined table, shielding gas lines, air lines, and a fume extractor assembly—each station is fully equipped to weld a variety of metals, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

In addition to our manual welding processes, Wesgar has a MIG welding robot cell for steel and aluminum welding that includes rotary fixtures for positioning parts. And our resistance welding department has specialized machinery to spot-weld aluminum as well as welding cold and hot rolled steel sheets.

Welding equipment

Wesgar Sheet Metal Fabrication Prepaint Operations/Dressing Stage

Prepaint operations/dressing

Wesgar performs sanding, degreasing—removal of residual machining lubricants before surface treatment—drilling, paint preparation, and sandblasting.

Prepaint dressing equipment

Sheet Metal Fabrication Finshing Stage - Powder Coating Line


We offer a broad range of finishing options. The wash stage of our leading-edge powder coating line was upgraded in 2018 to a five-stage washline that delivers second-to-none durability and anti-corrosion protection. The Wesgar screen printing (silk screening) team has decades of experience producing superior quality to meet your aesthetic branding needs and functional product labeling. If your product must be wet painted instead of powder coated, Wesgar has the equipment and trained team members to apply any type and color of wet paint. We also have the capability to apply CARC (Chemical Agent Resistant Coating), which is preferred/required for military applications.

Finishing equipment

Sheet Metal Fabrication - Chemical and Other Process

Chemical and other processes

Wesgar manages anodizing, alodine (chromate conversion/yellow iridite), plating, teflon coating, laser engraving, and stamping.