Prototype assistance

Speedy and accurate prototyping can be critical to your success. From one to 100 units, we have the in-house know-how to produce prototypes and reduce your product development risks, lower your costs, and get your product to market more quickly. While building your prototype(s), we factor in material specification, tooling, product design, packaging requirements, and more.

Prototype manufacturing

Leveraging on decades of applying best practices, we assign a product support team to every prototype project to work with you to optimize manufacturability. While prototype building, our expertise in design for manufacturability comes into play; we take the time to thoroughly understand your new product and how it will function.

Design improvements

During the process, we look for ways to continuously improve our processes and often make recommendations that will positively affect the final product. E.g., we may suggest buying a tool that will eliminate making multiple bends, or we may recommend modifying a design to eliminate the need for costly welding. Our established prototype development process ensures that your part can be manufactured consistently, reliably and cost effectively.

Meeting your expectations

Our goal is to deliver prototypes within a timeframe that meets our customers expectations while driving your costs down—we aim to deliver the best value and quality.

We understand the importance of delivering timely precision prototype parts in the design phase and leverage our expertise and state of the art machinery to meet your needs.