Cutting-edge sheet metal manufacturing

 Operating for almost 50 years as a leader in high-precision sheet metal manufacturing, we have an impressive lineup of production equipment and in-house capabilities. We specialize in complex formed finished parts and electro-mechanical assemblies.

Wesgar operates from two locations with over 100,000 square feet located in Port Coquitlam in the Greater Vancouver area of BC, Canada. With a highly trained and skilled workforce of over 200 employees, we take pride in being able to meet and exceed all of our customers’ requirements.

Our production process is completely integrated into our comprehensive ERP system, which enables us to provide streamlined and secure document management, accurate job costing and real-time job tracking throughout the entire process. With state-of-the-art information technology to help run every area of our business, we strive to operate at maximum efficiency and our customers benefit from our responsiveness, quality and on-time delivery. Learn more about our quality commitment.

Improving service quality with in-house capabilities

We’ve invested in a wide range of equipment and processes so we can provide in-house end-to-end capabilities to our customers, enabling us to control quality, costs and delivery times. As an example, our powder coating work centers allow us to provide short lead times and frequent color changes. Some of the key areas are:

  • MIG/TIG Robotic Welding
  • RoHS Compliant Chromating & Non-Chrome Conversion Coating
  • Silk Screening
  • Thermal Spray Coating
  • Surface Finishing – Graining & Paint Preparation
  • Batch Powder Coating

Complete list here.

We also offer an array of customized services to meet specific customer needs. Some key areas are:

  • Design for Manufacturing & Assembly
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Supplier Sourcing & Management
  • Inventory Management including Kanban
  • Logistics Management

Contact us with your custom requirements.