Major Upgrade to Powder Coating

Wesgar Inc. is pleased to announce that it has completed a major upgrade to its powder-coat line. The upgrade installation was started on December 22nd, 2017 and completed successfully on January 8th, 2018. The upgrade project removed the existing 3 stages of the washline and replaced it with 5 new stages. The 5 new stages consist of; a high-performance detergent Iron Phosphate for Multi-Metal processing, 3 rinse stages for effective cleaning and completed by an application of a high-performance Sealer. Wesgar Inc. anticipates achieving a minimum of 1000-1500 salt spray hours* when applying a powder topcoat only and achieving a minimum of 2000 salt spray hours* when applying a powder primer and final topcoat. Additional benefits of our upgrade and chemical selection include increased paint adhesion and superior corrosion resistance on both steel and aluminium substrates. For more information, please contact Wesgar Inc. at 
*The salt spray tests indicated are performed per the ASTM B117 standard.