We have invested in the tools and processes to deliver top quality products for manufacturers of:    

Agricultural Products
Emergency & Extreme Service Equipment
Railway Products
Marine Products
Mining Equipment
Transportation Products 

We have been delivering top quality industrial parts to Global 100 and Fortune 500 companies for close to 50 years. From prototype to production, low to mid-volume, medium to complex formed, welded, and finished assemblies. We have invested in the tools to provide top quality parts for our industrial customers. For example, our robotic welding capability enables part standardization that also results in more aesthetically pleasing and lower cost products.

We specialize in streamlining and refining the manufacturing of semi-custom industrial parts, creating standardized templates in the process so these high quality parts can be reordered or modified cost effectively at any time in the future. 

Our service offerings range from simple part production that supports your internal assembly requirements, to complete supply chain management, to fully assembled, tested, turnkey electro-mechanical assemblies packed and drop-shipped in your branded box, bag, tube, skid, pallet or container to your end customer. 

Call on us at any stage.

We understand the prototyping needs of companies of all sizes; in fact, all our customers today began with just one prototype or problem they needed solved. We grow when you grow, so we’re motivated to help you succeed in whatever manner we can.

We recognize that every customer and every part has specific criteria for manufacturing and quality, and we often invest in the capital equipment required to meet unique manufacturing and quality expectations. We operate as though we are the manufacturing arm of your business.