Design for Manufacturability

You know your products, and we know metal manufacturing. Let us refine and optimize your product designs for reliable manufacturability and cost-effectiveness. We use design for manufacturability and assembly methodologies to design smart parts, minimize waste, improve quality, and reduce your costs.

Mechanical engineering design

At Wesgar, we use a collaborative approach to design for manufacturability. Before we get started, it’s important to meet with you to understand the design requirements of your product(s) and learn about your objectives. Our team of experienced design and manufacturing experts then carefully review your design and look for ways to reduce the number of parts, which results in lower manufacturing costs, ease of assembly, and improved quality. We also review the design for use of standard parts and materials, ease of fabrication, mistake-proofing assembly, and surface finish requirements.

Reverse engineering

With a view to replicating a well functioning product, or enhancing it, we are experienced at reverse engineering products quickly and efficiently. We disassemble, analyze in detail, and make recommendations for a rebuild that will meet your exacting needs.

Design and programming

Using our CAD/CAM 3D drafting design knowledge to design your product and control the manufacturing process based on our leading-edge manufacturing equipment and robotics, our engineers carefully craft and program the design of your product(s).

Process planning

Efficiency, quality, and productivity are our primary focus when planning the manufacturing process for your product(s). This results in lower manufacturing costs, ease of assembly, and improved quality. Our production process recommendations are based on manufacturing best practices that ensure the lowest cost and superior quality. At every step of the way, we keep your best interests at heart, suggesting enhancements to make the workflow smoother and to eliminate potential problems. Our goal is to deliver an optimized, quality product at a competitive price.

Inside View of Custom Building Automation System Control Box by Wesgar

We routinely evaluate engineering product designs for ease of manufacturability and recommend improvements that will save you money, enhance functionality, and expedite delivery.