We use best practices that speed your time to market

At Wesgar, we understand that a well-established prototyping process can reduce your product development risk, lower costs, and get your product into the market quicker.

When we take on your prototyping project, an experienced Product Support Team is assigned to work with you to optimize manufacturability with an emphasis on productivity, cost reduction, and shortest time to market. The team factors in items such as material specification, tooling, product design, and packaging requirements.

Our prototyping process ensures consistency in production

We take the time to thoroughly understand your new product and each member of the team applies our continuous process improvement (CPI) methods to positively affect your prototype and its manufacturing. They may suggest buying a tool to eliminate making multiple bends or modifying a design to eliminate the need for costly welding. Our established prototype development process ensures that the part can be manufactured consistently, reliably and cost effectively.

We’re always moving forward with the parts we make for customers. Our goal is to drive the costs out of our customer’s parts until we can make them for the lowest cost in the market.