Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

It always amazes me the complexity of custom manufacturing.  Wesgar has mastered the art/science of getting our customers exactly what they expect.  Every part is unique and every customer is unique.  The systems we have in place make certain that no assumptions are made through all processes:  Estimating, Programming, Punching, Welding, Pemming, Forming, Powder Coating and so on.  Sheet metal (Aluminum, CRS, HRS, Stainless Steel, etc) starts flat and becomes three dimensional through a number of calculated steps. As I walk through 75,000+ ft/2 of production space, there are up to 200 jobs on the floor.  All shapes, sizes and colours are ready for their next step in the fabrication process - and I am taken back by how every one is different.  Call us at Wesgar (604-942-9558) for more information on how we can help you with our customized sheet metal fabrication services.